Vehicle Fire Injuries

Vehicle accidents can cause many devastating injuries, and this is particularly true when a damaged vehicle catches on fire.

Often, fires resulting from a crash are more harmful than the collision itself.

Car Fire Causes

If a vehicle occupant can survive a collision with minimal injuries, the car’s fuel and electrical systems should remain intact. While collisions shouldn’t result in fires, defects in design or manufacturing can lead to a devastating blaze. Fires erupting in the aftermath may be caused by:

  • Leaking fuel tanks and lines. Gasoline leaks from defective fuel tanks are the most common cause of vehicle fires, and poorly-routed or defective fuel lines can also rupture during an accident. Even a small leak can quickly lead to a raging fire, and a single spark can ignite it.
  • Electrical system failures. Modern vehicles have a lot of wiring that may be damaged in a collision. A severe impact can sever wires and cables, causing sparks that ignite fuel or combustible fumes.

Vehicle Fire Injuries

Vehicle collision fires may result in severe injuries, including:

  • Burns. Vehicle accident burns occur when a victim touches hot metal, hot coolant, or steam escaping from a damaged radiator. The most critical burns cause scarring, amputations, and even death.
  • Toxic exposure. Automotive fires often happen in the release of extremely toxic fumes as the vehicle burns, leading to respiratory problems and lung damage.

Vehicle Fire Compensation

f you were injured in a vehicle fire, you might face expensive medical care and a lack of income due to missed time from work. When a defect in design or manufacturing causes fires, crash victims are entitled to pursue compensation from the vehicle manufacturer. If another motorist caused the collision leading to the fire, the at-fault driver may also be liable for your medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

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