Truck Drivers Who Don’t Wear Seatbelts Are Putting You in Danger

Truck drivers seem to be the most protected motorists on the road. A little fender bender surely wouldn’t do much to the driver or his vehicle. Trucks frames and the surrounding metal appear to be a shield for truckers, protecting them should they get into serious collisions. However, those same strong, unyielding features become dangerous when the driver inside is thrown around because he is not wearing a seatbelt.

If you’re driving down any freeway in Houston and happen to look at the truck driver next to you, you may notice he isn’t wearing a seatbelt. Whether it’s the false sense of protection they feel because of the truck, or the discomfort belts may cause when on long trips, drivers often skip this crucial step in safety.

What Happens When Truck Drivers Don’t Wear Seatbelts

Truck drivers not wearing their seatbelts put themselves and others at risk. If a driver is hit and isn’t wearing his seatbelt, he could be thrown out of the driver’s seat and away from the controls essential to preventing catastrophic damage. He is also at risk of hitting his head on an object and being knocked unconscious. What may have started as a two-vehicle collision could turn into a major highway disaster if an unmanned semi-truck continues out of control. Unfortunately, this scenario is entirely too likely given the following recent statistics regarding truck drivers, fatalities, and seat belt use:

  • In 2012, motor vehicle fatalities accounted for 1,153, or 25 percent, of all occupational fatalities in the United States. Of these deaths, 46 percent were truck drivers.
  • According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, 7.8 percent of truck drivers polled admit that they only sometimes use their seatbelts and six percent said they never do. This means that 14 percent of truck drivers are at an increased risk of experiencing severe injuries or even losing their lives and endangering others all because they don’t wear a seat belt.

When a Truck Driver’s Mistake Causes You Pain

A truck driver’s error may cause you and your family severe pain and devastating effects. If this happens to you, attorney Steve Lee wants to help. Contact our law offices today to learn how.

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