When Your Employer is Responsible For Your Offshore Injuries, the Jones Act Can Save the Day

When maritime and offshore employees go to work, they probably aren’t really thinking about what will happen if they get injured on the job. Who really wants to think about things like that on a regular basis? Unfortunately, when these people do get hurt at work, that lack of preparation leaves them wondering what they are supposed to do next.

If a seaman has little to no knowledge about how maritime injuries are handled, he may automatically think that he should file for workers’ compensation. After all, workers’ compensation is what people get when they’re injured on the job, right? There is much more to this situation; it is extremely important for offshore workers to also think about Jones Act claims to supplement their income following an injury.

What are the differences between workers’ compensation and Jones Act claims? First of all, workers’ compensation is available for any employee, even if he was completely at fault for his injury. It is something that any employee, in any industry could qualify for. However, when he decides to accept the available compensation, he is automatically giving up his right to take his employer to court.

With Jones Act claims, which specifically relate to maritime law, the person filing for benefits must be able to prove their employer was at fault. If he is able to work with his maritime lawyer to prove that, he could potentially bring home much more money than if he filed a workers’ compensation claim. Injured seamen may be able to recover past and future medical expenses, loss of income, mental anguish, disfigurement, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and impairment.

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