Construction Worker Knee Injuries

The knee is largest joint in the human body. It allows you to stand, walk, run, sit, and lie down. Damaging it can lead to severe pain with a long, difficult recovery.

Construction Knee Injury Causes

As one of the hardest working joints in the body, the knee is critical for weight-bearing and mobility.

Many construction workers put enormous pressure on their knees every day, and knee injuries are often caused by:


Even a relatively minor fall can damage the knee. This damage may include:

  • Fractures. The patella, at the front of the knee, may be fractured or broken by a fall. The surrounding tendons and ligaments can also be damaged, causing severe pain when the knee is bent.
  • Torn ligaments. Ligaments connect bones to other bones in and around the knee joint, and they can be sprained or torn during a fall. Ligament tears typically result in swelling and bruising, and use of the joint is difficult and painful.
  • Ruptured tendons. Tendons are strong cords of fibrous tissue connecting muscles to bones, and the patellar tendon attaches the bottom of the kneecap to the top of the shinbone. These tears typically result in pain, tenderness, bruising, and cramps.

Repetitive motions

Kneeling or carrying a lot of weight on a routine basis can lead to repetitive stress knee injuries. These injuries may cause:

  • Small tears in the tendons, or tendinosis
  • Inflammation or bursitis
  • Thickening or folding of the knee ligaments, or plica syndrome

Receiving Compensation

Knee injuries can result in expensive medical bills and long periods away from work, leading to serious financial difficulties for many construction workers. If you’ve suffered knee injuries at work, you’re entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical bills and provide income while you recover. If your injuries were caused by a third party’s negligence, your attorney may also help you pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

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