Minor Construction Injuries Still Warrant Workers’ Compensation

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Workers place themselves at risk every time they use a power tool, climb a scaffold, or operate heavy machinery. To make matters worse, construction sites often have limited safety measures in place to protect workers from accidents. As a result, nearly 5,000 construction workers are fatally wounded each year. But that’s not all; thousands more sustain minor to severe injuries that, although not life-threatening, affect their ability to work.

Major Effects of Minor Accidents

Construction accidents can cause serious injuries from head trauma to paralysis. However, it places workers at risk for superficial, yet painful, injuries as well. Common examples of these less severe on-the-job injuries include:

  • Severe cuts. Power tools and sharp debris can easily puncture and tear skin. In addition to loss of blood, these lacerations can cause nerve damage, scarring, and pain. Furthermore, the unsanitary conditions of construction sites increases the risk that cuts will become infected.
  • Broken bones. Falls are the number one danger in construction. If you’re lucky enough to survive the impact, the likelihood of suffering fractures and breaks are extremely high.
  • Concussions. Although not as severe as traumatic brain injuries, concussions can still incapacitate workers for several days and cause confusion, pain, and temporary memory loss.
  • First and second-degree burns. Although not as severe as third-degree burns, first and second-degree burns can be extremely painful and require weeks of treatment and care. In some instances, these types of burns can limit mobility and affect your sense of touch.

Although minor injuries may not seem important when compared to catastrophic injuries, they shouldn’t be ignored altogether. In fact, many minor injuries can require months of recovery and cause temporary loss of the ability to do your job. This result could be far more severe than the injury itself. Although you may be able to deal with the pain, your injuries could lead to losing your home, vehicles, or the ability to put food on the table…that is, unless you secure your future with a strong workers’ compensation claim.

Significant Help Is Available for Less Severe Workplace Injuries

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