Benefits Under the LWCA May Prevent Rough Waters Ahead

The job of a maritime employee isn’t easy and doesn’t come without its risk for injury. Fortunately, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) was created to protect those who work on or near the water. Typically, longshoremen, harbor workers, and most other people who work in shipping terminals, shipyards, and docks are protected under this act.

The LHWCA Prevents Maritime Workers From Feeling Stranded

The LHWCA is similar to workers’ compensation as it provides monetary support for those injured on the job and also covers medical expenses pertaining to the injury. It even helps with fees associated with transportation to and from doctor’s visits. The type of injury you sustain plays a role in what type of compensation you may receive, as follows:

  • Temporary partial and temporary total disability. As their names suggest, these types of disability payments are typically temporary; that is, the employee is likely to be able to return to work eventually. The employee may have partially lost his ability to work, or may be totally incapable of working until his injury resolves. The employee typically receives nearly 67% of his average weekly wages while he is healing from his injuries.
  • Permanent partial and permanent total disability. Usually, this type of assistance is granted for a long period of time and the type of injury received determines if the disability is considered partial or total. For example, the loss of both hands, feet, arms, legs, or eyes falls under permanent total disability while losing one appendage would mean permanent partial disability is granted.

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