You Were Hurt When Two Vessels Collided—Here’s What Happens Next

Ever since the days of Columbus, Magellan, and Sir Francis Drake, traveling the oceans has been an extremely dangerous endeavor. There are countless ways that living on a vessel can cause property damage, injury, and even death.

These potential dangers come in all forms. There are natural occurrences—such as hurricanes, storms, and damage caused by marine animals; and unnatural occurrences—such as mechanical problems, chemical exposure, and human error.

Unfortunately, one of the most destructive maritime dangers is one that can affect all passengers and crew equally…a collision.

Maritime Collisions

Maritime collisions occur more often than you may realize, or may want to believe. The sheer number of vessels on the high seas at any time, combined with the countless factors that impact maritime collisions, make yearly collisions almost unavoidable.

Ships not only collide with stationary objects, such as piers and wharfs, but also—although it may be hard to believe—with other vessels.

Seriously?! The entire ocean and vessels still collide with one another?

Sadly, yes. They do.

Even with the help of technology, ships are notoriously difficult to control and are often at the mercy of Mother Nature, subject to malfunction, and susceptible to human error. When a ship loses control—for whatever reason—the resulting collision can cause very real and expensive property damages as well as severe personal injury.

Maritime Collision Liability

If you’ve been paying attention, the word “accident” has not been used to describe these types of collisions. Why not, you may ask? Because there is always a cause for these types of collisions, and someone is always responsible when ocean vessels collide. Therefore, when someone else’s recklessness, negligence, or total lack of due care is responsible for causing a vessel crash, shouldn’t he be required to pay for the recovery in order to make those injured whole?

We think so, and so does the law.

Have you or someone you love been injured in any way because of a collision at sea? If so, the law may be able to provide damages for your recovery. Whether the fault was the operators of one or more of vessels, a ship’s maintenance team, or the ship’s owners who allowed an unsafe voyage, attorney Steve Lee can help you prove who’s to blame and who’s accountable for your injuries.

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