Why You May Not Receive Workers’ Compensation

You were injured on the job and are now too hurt to work. You think you’re guaranteed to receive workers’ compensation, since a work accident caused the issue. The truth is, there are no guarantees.

The authorities deciding who receives workers’ comp look at a variety of factors when making their decisions. Unfortunately, not everyone who thinks he deserves the benefits receives them. Having an attorney on your side during this time is extremely helpful, as a lawyer knows your rights and can fight for them.

Why You May Be Turned Down for Workers’ Comp Benefits

If you are turned down for workers’ compensation, it is likely because of one of these issues:

  • You failed to file on time. One of the biggest reasons people are turned down for workers’ comp is they don’t adhere to the time limits. Texas law states that employees have 30 days to inform their employers of their injuries. You must also send a completed application to the Workers’ Comp Division of the Texas Department of Insurance within one year of when your injury occurred. If not, you likely won’t receive benefits.
  • Your employer disputes the claim. Employers often claim the accidents didn’t occur at work or that the injuries aren’t due to events related to your job. If this happens to you, you’ll likely need to provide more evidence to the Dept. of Insurance that proves you are entitled to receive workers’ comp.
  • You’re not disabled enough. Your injuries may be deemed not severe enough to qualify for workers’ comp benefits. Or, your employer may claim that you actually aren’t injured at all.

We Want to Help

Having an experienced workers’ comp attorney on your side is your best chance of getting the benefits you deserve. Attorney Steve Lee can help you provide the evidence you need to increase your chances of receiving an approval. He can also answer any questions you have and tell you if your case has a chance. Contact us today to begin getting the help you need.

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