Raising the Safety Standards for New Cars: Automatic Emergency Braking Systems Join the Roster

It is no question that over time, our roads have gotten safer. This is especially impressive considering that the number of vehicles on the road has increased dramatically, as have the number of available distractions behind the wheel.

Since our driving skills have not contributed greatly to an increase in safety, what has? Much of the improved numbers reflect the also-improved technology in our cars. From airbags to stability control, cars on the road today are better able to protect their occupants than ever before.

Regulating New Cars: How Are Safety Features Standardized?

When car companies are looking for any way to preserve profits, adding every safety feature imaginable to their newest models would cost both manufacturers and consumers. Instead, automakers tend to follow the latest recommendations that allow them to produce safe cars for reasonable prices.

These trends can be seen in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), which provides both consumers and manufacturers with the latest proven safety technology available today. Safety technology recommendations made in the last fifty years have saved well over 600,000 lives according to NHTSA, and the agency hopes that its newest recommendations can continue that trend.

Two of the newest recommendations involve automatic emergency braking systems, which NHTSA hopes will standardize the availability of these systems in cars soon to hit the market. Both crash imminent braking (CIB) and dynamic brake support (DBS) could potentially play a large role in avoiding or lessening the severity of rear-end collisions by aiding in the driver’s braking effort. It was found that many drivers in these common accidents failed to apply the brakes fully before impact, if at all, and CIB/DBS are expected to maximize braking efforts.

What the NCAP Means to You

Most of us are only aware of the safety features that we either see (like our seatbelts) or that earn us an insurance discount. Within your car, however, are dozens of safety features that work to both prevent collisions and protect you in the event of a crash. From highly advanced airbags to special braking systems, the NCAP likely played an important role in ensuring that your car came equipped with these features.

No matter how technologically advanced, your vehicle may not be capable of completely protecting you from negligent drivers. If you have been injured in an accident, get an attorney on your side with the courtroom experience you will need to get the compensation that you deserve. To schedule your free consultation today, call our office or begin a live chat with us now.

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