Common Injuries That Can Qualify Bus Drivers for Workers’ Comp

It may seem like bus drivers have easy jobs, but in fact, they are just as physically demanding as many others. While it is true that drivers sit for most of the day, it doesn’t mean they don’t experience wear and tear on their bodies.

Besides the risk for injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, bus drivers are prone to experiencing repetitive stress injuries, meaning they often repeat the same movements over again and have stress or trauma to joints or muscles. These injuries are painful and can cause them to miss time away from work.

Can Workers’ Comp Help?

When a bus driver’s injuries are severe enough that working isn’t an option for the time being, he or she may qualify to receive workers’ comp, since the issues are caused by job duties. Some of the injuries bus drivers are at risk for and can receive benefits for include:

  • Injuries due to slip, trip, and fall accidents, such as in the aisles, on the steps, or on slippery walks.
  • Lower back pain caused by strong engine vibrations, lifting and assisting disabled passengers, and sitting for long periods of time.
  • Shoulder, wrist, and elbow trauma from setting and releasing brakes.
  • Injuries caused by dealing with unruly passengers.

Get the Benefits You Deserve

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