Houston Accident Attorney on Proposed DWAI Law

This new law has been proposed in Texas to discourage drinking at all before driving. If passed, it could make enjoying a glass or two of wine with dinner a crime when driving afterwards. (Chron.com)

The current blood alcohol level to be considered intoxicated is 0.08. If enforced, the DWAI (driving while ability impaired) would punish those caught driving with blood levels between 0.05 and 0.07.

Many believe that this proposal is unnecessary and may even lead to “a chilling effect on moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol.” This could in turn cause a loss in profits for bars/clubs, restaurants, sports games, concerts and more.

On the other hand it could “give people an opportunity to plead down to something.” When convicted of driving intoxicated the first offense is generally a Class B misdemeanor. Having the option to plead down to a DWAI offense “makes more sense” than a charge of obstructing a roadway or reckless driving. (www.dui.com/texas)

Although drunken driving fatalities have decreased in the last few years, thousands of innocent lives are taken each year due to negligent drunk drivers.

The point behind the DWAI is saving those lives. If there are fewer intoxicated and buzzed drivers on the road then naturally there will be fewer fatalities.

New York and Colorado already have DWAI similar laws in effect. Statistics of their effectiveness are not yet available.

These stricter standards aren’t as harsh as prohibition, but if taken seriously could severely lower profits for the alcohol industry.

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