DOT Pedestrian Safety Grants May Help Prevent Houston Pedestrian Accident Injuries

While many of us choose different forms of transportation to get to and from work, social functions, and across the country, there is one mode of transportation that we all share—walking. A new website from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration called “Everyone is a Pedestrian,” launched from the NHTSA website recently, and with it, an important message from Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx.

In a press conference given in August, Foxx shared that pedestrian injuries are on the rise, increasing by 8 percent between 2009 and 2011. One of the few transportation safety areas that saw an increase in fatalities and injuries, the NHTSA and DOT are taking action to reverse the trend, not only with the “Everyone is a Pedestrian” movement, but also in the form of money, in particular $2 million towards safety grants for six cities.

Of the 22 cities eligible to apply, four Texas cities (including Houston) are included. Applications must be in by August 30, and the DOT will choose six cities to receive grants. The 22 cities were targeted because of their higher-than-average pedestrian deaths. Chosen cities will be able to apply the grant money in a manner of their choosing to help protect pedestrians, including funding improved crosswalks and infrastructure that supports safe foot traffic.

Houston Car Accident Attorney Shares Pedestrian Safety Advice for Area Residents

Foxx also offered several areas of concern that seemed involved in nearly every pedestrian accident. Distracted travel—whether driving or walking—was the primary offender. Pedestrians are often listening to music via headphones or using their mobile device, and drivers are just as guilty of texting and making calls on the road.

Alcohol is another factor in pedestrian injuries, with about half of all fatal pedestrian/car accidents involving a party (pedestrian or driver) with a blood alcohol content over .08 percent.

Whether or not Houston is the recipient of one of the DOT safety grants is yet to be seen, but one thing is for certain—when Houston residents and visitors take to the streets on foot or on wheels, they need to be fully focused on getting from point A to point B safely. Accessories like cell phones and iPods can distract even the safest person, and situational awareness is required at all times.

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