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Mayor Annise Parker announced yesterday that Houston red-light cameras will start issuing citations again “in the very near future.”(Chron.com)

This will reverse last November’s voter mandate to remove the 70 cameras at 50 intersections which issued over 800,000 tickets, collecting $50.5 million.

The mayor had to choose between honoring the will of the voters and honoring a contract with American Traffic Solutions. If ATS takes Houston to court it could cost the city up to 16 million when it is already in a large deficit. The contract expires in 2014.

In addition to avoiding a large lawsuit and further debt for Houston, arguments in favor of the red-light cameras include making intersections safer. According to data from HPD traffic accidents decreaded 16 percent at the 50 intersections with the cameras.

Accidents are not uncommon in Houston. With or without these cameras, hundreds of people die each year due to traffic accidents. If you become a victim of a speeding driver, you might be able to hold the driver responsible. You might be able to collect compensation to help secure your family’s financial future.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a Houston accident, you should contact an experienced Houston accident attorney at (713) 921-4171 or (800) 232-3711.

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