Insufficient Training at Refineries Causes Injuries

Refineries are crucial components of energy production in Texas, but not all refineries maintain safe operating procedures.

Refinery accidents often result in devastating injuries, but they’re preventable with proper employee training

These facilities have a responsibility to ensure all employees have a clear understanding of the equipment they use, the chemicals
they’re handling, and the dangers of combustion.

Refineries can reduce the risks of accidents and worker injuries by requiring employees to:

  • Avoid horseplay.
  • Report to work well-rested and alert.
  • Immediately report any accidents and injuries.
  • Only perform those job functions for which they have been properly trained.

Importance of Refinery Worker Training

While safety procedures are primarily used to prevent serious worker injuries, an emphasis on safety also makes employees feel more valued by their employers. In addition, safety procedures help companies maximize production by avoiding accident-related interruptions and shutdowns. Refineries must provide workers with training that includes:

  • Safe work habits
  • Hazardous substance risks
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Proper usage of personal protective equipment
  • Safe usage of electrical equipment

Risks Due to Lack of Training

Refinery employees work in close proximity to massive quantities of flammable and toxic chemicals every day. These individuals are frequently exposed to hazardous chemicals and dangerous byproducts of oil and petroleum production. Employees at the greatest risk of injury include welders, platform workers, pipe fitters, painters, sandblasters, and shutdown workers.

Creating and enforcing safety procedures is a critical component of minimizing potential disasters. Common consequences of refinery employee safety violations include:

  • Lead poisoning
  • Benzene exposure
  • Respiratory system damage
  • Severe burns
  • Head trauma and brain damage
  • Broken bones
  • Electrocutions
  • Lung disease
  • Leukemia
  • Mesothelioma
  • Multiple myelomas

You Need an Attorney

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