Rental Trucks Create Real Danger for Others on the Road

Though large rental trucks can make a big move more convenient, most people who hire rental trucks are not trained truck drivers. Unfortunately, this creates serious risk for other drivers who share the road with them. To stay safe, it’s important you understand why rental trucks are so dangerous and how an attorney can help you if you’ve been injured in an accident with one.

Rental Trucks Are Road Hazards

Rental companies make large trucks accessible to everyday drivers for moving, landscaping, or junk-removal projects. However, if you see a rental truck on the road, you should be extra cautious, because these vehicles might be:

  • Poorly maintained. Some rental companies do not properly maintain their rental trucks, forego routine and adequate inspections, and perform subpar repairs on damaged trucks. Unfortunately, this can increase the risk of an accident.
  • Too old. Because rental companies are businesses, they strive to make money—and the longer a vehicle is in use, the more money it brings in. However, an old vehicle also often comes with more maintenance issues.
  • Operated by untrained drivers. Again, most folks who rent a truck are not professional truckers—and some have never driven a large truck before. Therefore, they may mishandle a vehicle’s clearance, ignore increased blind spots, and misjudge the necessary stopping distance.

If a Rental Truck Driver Injures You

As soon as possible after you’re in a rental truck accident, it’s critical you contact an attorney who may be able to identify the liable party as:

  • The rental truck company. It’s possible the rental company knew the driver had inadequate experience but willfully rented the truck anyway—knowing the driver could cause an accident. Additionally, the company could be found negligent in knowingly renting out a defective vehicle or a vehicle that has been in operation too long.
  • The driver of the rental truck. If a person rents a large truck knowing he cannot operate it safely, he could be found negligent and therefore liable for injuries he caused while driving the rental truck.
  • The truck manufacturer. If a design or manufacturing flaw exists with the truck in question, the maker of the vehicle may be held liable, too.

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