Car Accident Skull Fracture Injuries

The skull, also known as the cranial bone, provides essential protection for the brain. While the skull is extremely strong, the compression force caused by a motor vehicle collision can be even stronger.

When this happens a break in the skull, or skull fracture, may be the result.

Types of Skull Fractures

There are a few common types of skull fractures, including:

  • Simple fracture. This occurs when the skull bone breaks but the skin remains intact.
  • Compound fracture. This involves loss of skin and splintering of the skull bone.
  • Penetrating fracture. This happens when a sharp object pierces the skull, damaging brain tissue.
  • Linear fracture. This is a break in the cranial bone, resembling a thin line.
  • Stellate fracture. This is comprised of multiple linear fractures radiating from the site of impact.
  • Basilar fracture. This is located at the base of the skull, with the potential to lead to a traumatic brain injury.
  • Depressed fracture. This is a break in the cranial bone, with a depression of the bone in the direction of the brain.

Vehicle Accident Skull Fracture Complications

When a driver’s head collides with the steering wheel, dashboard, door, windshield, or vehicle roof during an accident, skull fractures may occur. These injuries can also happen when the crash victim is ejected from the vehicle and strikes the ground.

The primary danger caused by a broken skull isn’t the fracture itself, but the proximity of the skull to the brain. While minor fractures may heal without intervention or complications, serious fractures can be devastating. Skull fractures may cause brain damage and other complications, such as bruising, bleeding, and infection of the brain. These injuries can lead to loss of consciousness, confusion, memory lapses, and limb paralysis. These conditions can be either temporary or permanent, and surgery may be required.

You Deserve Compensation

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