Securing Your Health and Workers’ Compensation Claim After a Construction Site Accident

It may come as no surprise to you that construction work is an extremely hazardous career. Every year thousands of workers are hospitalized for injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to fatal crush injuries that occur in or around construction sites.

Construction injuries are so common due to the many hazards essential for worksite productivity. In addition to high-risk materials, electricity, and dangerous equipment, construction workers must also contend with the perilous effects of gravity and poorly trained co-workers. The issue is so great that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that more than 360,000 nonfatal construction site injuries and over 1,000 fatal injuries occur each year.

The alarming injury statistics for construction workers have caused state and federal safety guidelines to be enacted across the country for the protection of construction workers. These regulations not only include safety measures to help prevent accidents (training, protective equipment, etc.) but also recommendations on what to do after an accident to guarantee your employee rights and wellness.

Protecting Yourself After an Accident Occurs

When you or a loved one suffers a catastrophic construction work accident it is essential that the proper steps are taken to secure the safety of the injured person as well as his legal rights. Since the injury occurred during work or as a result of work duties, the victim is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, to obtain full benefits that cover medical costs and time away from work, he must perform certain steps to guarantee his well-being and his claim’s viability. These steps include:

  • Getting medical care. The first and most important steps to follow after a work site injury is assessing and treating the damage. Even if the injury seems minor, a medical professional should diagnose and treat the injury before the injured person attempts to return to work. A minor bump on the head could mask a concussion, or a bruised abdomen could be a sign of internal injuries.
  • Taking note of where, when, and how the accident occurred. If the victim is physically capable, he should make sure to record the significant aspects of the accident, including time, place, and potential cause. These records may be used later as evidence.
  • Reporting the injury. The injured person absolutely must inform his supervisor or superior of the accident as soon as possible. Make sure to record the name and position of the person who accepted the report and the date the report was submitted; this information will be added to the victim’s case notes.
  • Identifying witnesses who can provide information about the accident. If possible, the injured person or his friends should gather the contact information of all bystanders who may have witnessed the accident. It may also be beneficial to record a brief summary of what they saw, to be used later as evidence.
  • Preserving any accident evidence that may be needed. Someone should take pictures of the victim’s injuries, the location where the accident occurred, and the equipment or tools involved. Try to preserve as much evidence as possible.
  • Securing medical reports, documentation, and imaging. When getting medical attention for the injury, the worker should make sure that all injuries are well-documented, clearly recorded, and accessible. Documentation should include dates, doctors’ names, any treatment he received, and any medications he was prescribed.
  • Contacting an experienced lawyer. Securing a strong claim for workers’ compensation benefits or personal injury damages can be difficult. Although the injury may have clearly occurred as a result of workplace negligence, your employer may try to belittle your claim or flat out refuse benefits. This is why for cases of serious injury, it’s advised that you retain legal representation to help build and streamline your claim.

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