Trial Opportunities to Convince the Court of Your Claim’s Merit

If you’ve been injured in a car wreck caused by a negligent or drunk driver, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. However, just because you should be well-compensated doesn’t guarantee that insurance companies will do the right thing. When they refuse to pay out an adequate settlement—which is most of the time (remember, they’re out to make money, not give it away)—your only option is to file an injury claim lawsuit to cover the inflicted damages.

Like most things, lawsuits can come in shades of gray—after all, there are two sides to every story. Even if you believe it is obvious that the other driver caused the accident, it’s normal to worry that you will not be able to convince a jury of that same belief. However, you can calm that worry by allowing an experienced attorney to persuade the jury to be on your side.

Elements of Persuasion

A seasoned attorney can take the individual elements of a case and artistically combine them to paint a broader picture for the jury. If painted correctly, this picture will leave jurors no other choice than to award you the damages you deserve. However, it almost goes without saying that preparing and painting this picture can be extremely complicated.

For instance, below are some of the elements an attorney must use to highlight and define your case’s picture:

  • Opening statement. Think of this step as preparing the canvas; your advocate gives and overview of the case and explains why compensation must be awarded.
  • Direct and cross examinations. Applying base coat: questioning witnesses and going over accident statements.
  • Exhibits and diagrams. Outlining shapes: showing the jury evidence and sketching the outline of what happened.
  • Expert witnesses. This adds depth to the picture by highlighting the most important points. Questioning professionals to get scientific and medical facts will explain the accident and prove that the compensation for the incurred injuries is reasonable.
  • Accident reconstruction. The final image comes into view. Reconstruction is the process of taking information from the scene of an accident—such as skid marks and debris—and creating a clear picture of exactly what happened. A good attorney could use this type of reconstruction to demonstrate to a jury that you were not at fault in the wreck and then argue that you should be compensated for your damages.
  • Closing arguments. We come to the final flourishes. Your attorney gives a summary of witness statements and evidence, reiterating why you deserve a fair settlement.

Choosing the Right Artist to Paint Your Claim’s Picture

Although it might be relatively obvious that the other person was at fault and should be held responsible, these cases are not necessarily a sure thing. Unfortunately, this is where your decisions can dramatically impact your future. If you don’t have the right strategy or if the execution of the strategy doesn’t live up to its potential, you may wind up suffering additional losses.

A skilled lawyer can help guide you through the process of building a watertight case and help show clear liability on the other side. Whether in court or in negotiations with the insurance company, your choice of the right lawyer for your case will have an impact on your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries and costs.

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