Safe and Secure: How Shifting Truck Loads Can Put You and Your Loved Ones at Risk on the Road

Have you even been driving behind someone’s pickup truck on the highway, only to see something not tied down properly in the truck bed? Whether it is a ladder, a rake, or some other piece of furniture or equipment, most of us act immediately so that we are not in the object’s “line of fire” if and when it decides to part ways with the pickup.

When it comes to larger commercial trucks on the highway, most of us have more faith that the load onboard has been secured properly by a professional. Unfortunately, when a truck has been loaded improperly, dangerous accidents like jackknifing and rollovers can put you and your family in a potentially fatal situation.

Commercial Cargo Loading: Rules of the Road

Trucking companies and contract drivers have very strict rules when it comes to loading their trucks, and for good reason. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets several regulations regarding inspecting the cargo, how it will be loaded, how heavy it can be, and where and how it must be tied down.

Drivers are required to constantly check the load to ensure that it has not shifted dangerously. These inspections are required before departure, 25 miles after initial departure, and every time the truck is parked. This helps provide important redundancy, allowing the truck driver to review the work of the individual or company that loaded the trailer as well as address any slight shifts that occurred during the trip.

When any party involved becomes negligent regarding the security of a truck load, the results can be devastating. Load shift can cause a trailer to flip or jackknife, putting vehicles all around it in grave danger.

Finding Fault in a Truck Accident Caused by Load Shift

Load shift accidents can be very complicated, because there are several parties that are responsible for the proper loading of a truck. From the driver or trucking company to the manufacturers of the load tie-downs, it will take an experienced touch to dissect the case and pinpoint who is to blame for your injuries or losses.

If you have been injured in a truck accident that was caused by cargo shift, you do not have to battle the insurance companies alone. Reach out to us today via live chat to discuss your accident, and get the information you need to move forward.

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