Common Internal Injuries Suffered by Truck Accident Victims

The aftermath of a truck accident can be horrifyingly bloody and frightening. Due to the size and weight of a truck, even a minor collision can result in serious physical injuries, including deep lacerations, bruises, burns, amputations, major fractures, or head trauma.

However, it’s the injuries you can’t see that put you the most at risk.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are any wound or damage sustained inside the body. In addition to being enclosed, internal damage can often be hidden beneath or camouflaged by the effects of external injuries; the blood and bruising from an outside wound can cover the physical symptoms of an internal wound. For example, blood from a chest laceration can pool over a distinct puncture mark in the abdomen. Since the blood from the two sources mix, it’s difficult to determine if the blood is from the laceration or a deeper wound caused by the perforation into the abdomen.

If an internal injury is not detected quickly or is completely overlooked, an otherwise “fixable” injury could prove to be fatal. Additionally, even if the injuries are found in a timely fashion, they will often require extensive surgery—which comes with its own set of additional risks.

Internal Injuries Commonly Sustained in Truck Collisions

A truck accident victim can suffer from any number of different internal injuries depending on the severity and circumstance of the collision. The most common include:

  • Organ damage. Every organ within your body performs its own important function. When injured, the organ is unable to function properly and keep your body working as it should. Unfortunately, many internal organs are delicate. Although the most important ones—the heart, lungs, and brain—are partially protected by bone, other organs in the abdomen can easily be punctured, crushed, or injured in a truck crash. Depending on the organ that is injured, it may need to be repaired or even completely removed. Even worse, your heart, lungs, and brain are still vulnerable despite the shielding provided by ribs and the skull. In fact, when a severe collision causes these bones to break, the protective shell can transform into an instrument of doom as sharp fragments penetrate and puncture the organs within.
  • Rib fractures. When your ribs break in a truck accident, you may have trouble breathing, moving, or even relaxing while laying down. In more serious cases, broken ribs can puncture the lungs or other organs that they typically protect.
  • Internal bleeding. The force behind a truck accident is enough to cause blunt trauma and perforation damage to your blood vessels, arteries, and internal organs. When this happens, excessive bleeding will occur. If the source of the bleeding isn’t found and closed immediately, you could bleed out without ever seeing even an ounce of blood. When an artery is punctured or severed, you internal bleeding can kill within seconds if not plugged.

External Help for Your Internal Needs

In addition to devastating internal injuries, a truck accident can cause a variety of other life-altering injuries. If you’ve recently been injured as a result of a truck collision, it’s important to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Although you’ll depend on your doctor and surgeon to save your life, you’ll need someone else to save your future. Attorney Steve Lee is that someone. With over 35 years’ worth of experience, Steve Lee has helped hundreds of truck accident victims secure fair compensation to cover injury expenses. Allow him to put his skills to work for you.

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