Examining Why Older Drivers Cause a Majority of Parking Lot Accidents

Houston shopping centers are home to busy parking lots. Need proof? Just take a trip to the Galleria or Woodland Mall on the weekend and you’ll see a flurry of activity. Although all these customers are great for the economy, they’re often dangerous for motorists. Fender benders, pedestrian accidents, and bicyclist strikes are just a few of the situations that can occur in parking lots and unfortunately, older drivers are often to blame.

Why Older Drivers Make Parking Lots Dangerous

Older drivers are prone to causing accidents in parking lots because of pedal misapplication, driver inattention or distraction, backing errors, and vision problems. Here, we take a closer look at each.

  • Pedal misapplication. Older drivers can confuse the gas pedal with the brake pedal and, as you can imagine, trouble can ensue. Although this confusion happens for a variety of reasons, those most common in older drivers include problems with cognitive function and physical ailments.
  • Driver inattention or distraction. Parking lots are filled with lots of distractions, including pedestrians, runaway carts, other vehicles, and lots of noise. Focusing on maneuvering the car while so much is going on is difficult for just about any driver, but particularly those who are older.
  • Backing errors. Turning around to see what is behind your vehicle is often a difficult task for older drivers who are losing their strength and flexibility. As a result, they can crash into objects behind them.
  • Vision problems. As we age our vision often declines, which is problematic in parking lots. Pedestrians, bikers, signs, and signals that are on the edge of the field of vision are often missed by older folks with poor vision.

Parking Lot Injuries are Painful and Expensive to Treat

Injuries sustained by pedestrians in parking lots can be traumatic and expensive. As the victim, you shouldn’t have to pay for the fees associated with your treatment. Attorney Steve Lee has helped many in the Houston area receive the compensation they deserve, and may be able to do the same for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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