Hiring a Maritime Attorney to Protect Your Jones Act Claim

Anyone who makes a living at sea can tell you that the ocean is a dangerous place. There is no predicting how things will go once you are out on the open water, and this lack of predictability can put even the most experienced of sailors at risk. In the event of an accident, qualified workers are entitled to benefits under the protection of the Jones Act. However, in some cases, these maritime employees receive fewer benefits than they deserve or are denied their rightful benefits entirely. An offshore injury attorney can help in the following ways:

Protection From Unlawful Denial of Jones Act Benefits

Some maritime employees who have been injured may not qualify for benefits under the Jones Act. Causes for this include:

  • Your injury did not happen at work
  • You were at fault for your injury
  • You lied about your medical history
  • You were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you got hurt
  • You are not a worker who is covered under the Jones Act

If none of these apply to you and you have been denied benefits for your injuries, you may have been wrongfully deprived of these benefits by your employer. A Jones Act attorney can help.

Blacklist Prevention

Despite its global reach, the maritime industry can have a surprising “small town” feel. For years, employers used this mentality to prevent injured workers from filing a Jones Act claim by blacklisting them once they were able to return to work, cheating honest employees out of the maintenance and cure benefits they earned. Laws are now in place that prohibit this conduct. Jones Act lawyers can identify unlawful behavior and help their clients as they seek justice.

Settlement Negotiation

If you were injured at sea, it may feel like you cannot receive your maintenance and recovery compensation quickly enough. Your ability work may be temporarily on hold, but bills and everyday expenses keep rolling in. If you’ve been offered a Jones Act settlement, your first inclination may be to accept it. However, settling too quickly without the input of an attorney may result in receiving fewer benefits than you deserve.

When your health and your ability to support yourself are at stake, you need someone in your court. A Jones Act attorney can guide you through the litigation process and help you recover financially from your losses. Contact our firm to learn more.

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