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A motorist was arrested for driving while intoxicated after causing a four vehicle crash on I-45 in Huntsville.

The night of the accident, Huntsville police, along with Huntsville firefighters and EMS personnel, arrived at the scene of the crash at the 500 block of the I-45 on the west feeder road about 500 feet north of FM 1374 near Huntsville Memorial Hospital.

Sgt. Mike Legerski of the Huntsville Police Department said the accident occurred when a 2002 GMC Yukon exited I-45 at exit 114, traveling south toward FM 1374.

Three vehicles were already stopped just past the exit ramp, as they waited for the traffic signal to change. The man driving the Yukon, 48-year-old James Kreder, told police he did not see any cars ahead of him and struck the rear of the first car, a 1996 Jeep Cherokee. The Jeep Cherokee then collided with the vehicle in front of it, which caused that vehicle to hit the car in front.

Legerski described the accident by saying, “Basically he (Kreder) rear-ended the third vehicle, and that caused kind of a domino effect.”

The cars that were struck were forced forward by the impact, as Kreder’s vehicle veered off the road and eventually stopped nearby.

The drivers of the three vehicles were treated for minor injuries at the crash scene, but no one was taken to the hospital.

Investigators determined that Kreder had been drinking. He was charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) and arrested.

This DWI accident occurred just two days after another multiple vehicle accident was caused by a drunk driver.

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