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Authorities believe that the fatal accident that killed Jony Ventura, 33, and his 4-year-old daughter was caused by a suspected drunk driver.

Ventura was on his way to work at Snowflake Donuts in Tomball when the crash occurred at approximately 2:00 AM. He had a daily shift at the donut shop and was allowed to bring his daughter with him. According to Harris County Sheriff’s Investigators, Idania Sagastisado, a 26-year-old woman, was driving drunk as she headed in the wrong direction on northbound Highway 249, just north of Cypresswood Drive. Sagastisado hit Ventura’s sedan head-on.

Ventura tried to swerve away from the oncoming car, but was unable to avoid the collision. He was killed on impact and his daughter was rushed to an area hospital where she died.

Rhina Ventura said that her daughter liked going to work with her husband because she liked to help make donuts just like him. Both father and daughter will be laid to rest in El Salvador. Rhina Ventura has one remaining child, 3-year-old Daniel.

“I tell him they are in the park because he doesn’t understand that he’ll never see them again,” said Rhina.

Sagastisado pleaded guilty in 2005 to driving while intoxicated and was released that time on a $1,000 bond. Rhina Ventura said that she is praying for justice and hopes that Sagastisado will be locked up for life to “pay for the pain she has caused my family.”

After sensing a strong odor of alcohol on Sagastisado’s breath at the accident site, deputies requested that a blood sample be taken at the hospital. She is facing intoxication manslaughter charges from the fatal accident.

Sagastisado survived the fatal crash and was airlifted to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

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