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According to Harris County prosecutors, Pamela Pugh, from Spring, was driving drunk when she killed a mother of four. Pugh was speeding at 100 MPH when she caused the woman’s death.

Pugh was driving on the Hardy Toll Road at 11:30 PM on May 28, when she crashed into a pickup truck driven by Cheryl Guberman, a 44-year-old woman from the Woodlands. As a result of the impact, Guberman’s truck hit a concrete wall and went over the edge of the highway, falling more than 40 feet to the ground.

Pugh called 9-1-1 that evening to report that another driver cut her off, causing her to wreck her vehicle. She stated that the other vehicle kept going, but she was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving by deputy constables. It wasn’t until hours later that investigators were informed about the vehicle that was forced off the road.

Prosecutors stated that the blood test taken hours after the Houston drunk driving accident, showed that Pugh had a blood alcohol level of .19, which is more than double the Texas legal limit.

Guberman’s family discovered her body in the early morning on May 29. They retraced her path after she failed to pick up her son from Bush International Airport. Her family found crash debris on the highway and saw that Guberman’s truck had gone over the edge of the highway.

Pugh was released on a $30,000 bond from jail. The judge has ordered that she not drive again until further notice. She had one other DWI conviction in 2006 and now faces intoxication manslaughter charges.

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