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How to Use Your Car’s Hazard Lights Safely

Your car’s hazard lights serve an important safety function. When used appropriately, these lights signal a warning to other drivers. Typically, other drivers understand your flashing hazard lights to mean that your car is not moving and that other vehicles should avoid it. Your hazard lights allow your car to be more visible in a potentially dangerous situation such as when your car breaks down, you need to change a tire, or you have a medical emergency that makes you unable to drive.

Yet, Texas law allows you to use your hazard lights even when your car is moving. However, before you use your hazards while driving, it is important to understand the potential risks.

Using Hazard Lights While Driving Creates Confusion

As a driver, you may know why your hazard lights are on and you may be trying to communicate something to the drivers around you. However, using your hazard lights when your car is moving is risky because:

  • Other drivers may not understand what you mean. They may not understand that your vehicle is moving and they may try to stop quickly or swerve to avoid you. A serious crash could result.
  • You are unable to use your turn signals when your hazard lights are in use. Thus, other drivers will not be able to anticipate that you are making a right turn or left turn. This confusion could result in a car accident.
  • You may contribute to road rage. Drivers may become frustrated and drive aggressively—especially when they realize that you aren’t using your hazard lights to indicate an emergency.

For these reasons, it is important to use your hazard lights responsibly and to do your part to avoid confusion on the road.

What to Do if Someone Else’s Hazards Lights Caused Your Car Crash

If you were confused by someone else’s hazard lights and you were involved in an auto accident, then it is important to note the use of the hazard lights to the police who respond to your crash and to the attorney you call after the accident. In some cases, a driver who uses hazard lights incorrectly could be negligent and could be liable for your accident injuries.

A car accident lawyer can conduct a full investigation and determine if the use of hazard lights contributed to your accident. If the other driver’s use of hazard lights—or any other negligent behavior—caused your accident injuries then your attorney will fight hard for your fair and full recovery. To learn more, please schedule a free consultation today by contacting us via this website or by phone.

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