Posted by : attorney stevelee 17 November 2008

The article linked above is from the Wall Street Journal, and it is describing how doctors can’t wait to come down here to practice medicine. The reason? Tort reform.

In case you weren’t aware of it, the State Legislature in Austin placed caps on non-economic damages to $250,000. So no matter how egregiously a doctor screws up and no matter how much of a loss that costs your family, the highest amount that you can get is $250,000.

Dead child? $250,000.

Husband ends up in a wheelchair? $250,000.

It’s also interesting to notice that now the doctors are complaining about the medical board that has increased scrutiny of medical practicioners as a compromise for enacting caps. Which begs the question: Are the doctors that are in such a hurry to get down here coming because they want to, or because they know that they will get sued for less?

There is another side to these caps, as well.

An attorney from Dallas named Bob Kraft gives a perfect example of how the rights of victims have been completely trampled upon thanks to the new rules. Follow the link to the article below.

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