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Truck Accidents Involving Hazardous Cargo

Any truck collision can be risky, but those involving trucks carrying hazardous materials are particularly dangerous. Not only can severe injuries result from the collision itself, but other motorists, area residents, and emergency responders may be exposed to harmful chemicals as well.

Types of Hazardous Truck Cargo

There are various types of dangerous cargo, including:

  • Radioactive material. This is any substance containing atoms that are subject to radioactive decay, such as Cobalt 60. These radioactive materials can emit potentially dangerous ionizing radiation when radioactive decay occurs. This can harm anyone in the area if the material leaks out due to a collision.
  • Corrosives. These substances are capable of destroying other materials, such as living tissue, upon contact. Compounds such as caustic soda can cause serious chemical burns if anyone comes into contact with these corrosive substances.
  • Oxidizing substances. These substances, such as potassium bromate, can emit oxygen at such a rapid rate that they sometimes contribute to the combustion of other hazardous materials. Oxygen can even make road surfaces flammable.
  • Gases. Many gases are hazardous since they are flammable, and they can also create a serious risk of asphyxiation. These include aerosols, compressed gas, and liquefied gases.
  • Flammable liquids. Fuels and oils are volatile, and they may emit a flammable vapor. Sparks caused by the collision can ignite these flammable liquids in a tanker truck. Common examples of these include gasoline, diesel fuel, and paint.
  • Toxic substances. These are substances capable of causing serious injury or death when inhaled, swallowed, or contacting bare skin. Toxic chemicals from a leaking tanker can leach into the groundwater, potentially harming people who live or work in the area.
  • Explosives. These are substances capable of producing dangerous levels of heat, light, or smoke. Common examples include fireworks, black powder, and rocket motors.

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