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Deck Dangers: Why Working on Tugboat Decks Is So Dangerous

Tugboat deck hands are no strangers to danger. Working this type of vessel puts them in harm’s way on a daily basis. Along with using large winches and drums, tugboat workers also have to maneuver around large towing lines that can cause serious injuries if an accident occurs.

Why the Deck Is So Dangerous

A tugboat isn’t operational without its deck crew. Although essential, working on the deck is quite dangerous. Seamen are exposed to life-threatening dangers on a daily basis which can cause devastating injuries and loss of life. Some of the hazards include:

  • Falling overboard. Seamen who work on decks become used to the slick surfaces to which they are exposed, but they are still dangerous. Oil and water make walking, let alone working, quite risky and can cause them slip and fall overboard. Tripping over equipment that is improperly stored on deck can also cause a worker to go overboard.
  • Working with heavy equipment. Tugboats are loaded with large and dangerous pieces of equipment that are essential to pulling large vessels. Lifting heavy shackles and chains can cause injury to a deck hand, which could result in time away from work and lost wages. Workers must also move heavy containers that pose a risk of crush injuries.
  • Working with other vessels and equipment. Seamen are often required to jump from barge to barge. If they lose their footing, they can fall and injure themselves. Additionally, deck hands run the risk of getting caught between the deck and the dock.

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Tugboat injuries occur frequently and when seamen are left to fend for themselves, it isn’t fair. If your employer doesn’t provide you with safe working conditions or you’re hurt because of the negligence of others, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. Attorney Steve Lee has helped other seamen in the Houston area receive the help they deserved, and may be able to do the same for you.

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