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Maritime Employee Blacklisting

Injured workers sometimes hesitate to file legitimate maritime claims out of fear they won’t be rehired, or blacklisted. Blacklisting is the practice of barring someone from working in the maritime industry because they filed injury claims against their former employer.

However, it’s illegal for any employer, or a prospective employer, to take negative action against an employee for filing an injury claim.

Pursuing Compensation

If you’ve been injured due to your maritime profession, you should pursue the compensation you need and deserve right away. By filing an injury claim, you and your attorney can secure:

  • Fair compensation. You have the right to be compensated for the medical bills and loss of income stemming from your maritime work accident. You may even receive punitive damages if your employer willfully withheld the payments you were entitled to.
  • Future income. If your work-related injuries caused physical limitations that impact your future ability to earn a living, you’re entitled to compensation. Due to the strenuous nature of maritime work, many employers require job applicants to submit to a physical before they can be hired. If your injuries prevent you from passing these medical tests and returning to work, you’ll need financial restitution to provide for yourself and your family.
  • Time to heal. If you fail to report your maritime workplace injuries, you may be required to return to work before it’s medically safe to do so. Going back to work before you’re ready can be dangerous, but pursuing an injury claim ensures medical experts will determine whether it’s safe to return to your job.

You Need an Attorney

If you’ve been injured in the course of your maritime work, an experienced attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve. To learn more, contact the law offices of Steve M. Lee, P.C., by clicking the Live Chat button on this page.

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