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How Do Texas DWI Penalties Stack up to the Rest?

The Texas Department of Transportation has estimated that a person is hurt or killed every 20 minutes in an alcohol-related crash, which is a sobering number. While people around the state and nation have been made aware of the dangers of drunk driving, there are still too many people getting behind the wheel while impaired. Significant headway has been made to encourage ridesharing and car services for nights out on the town, but drunk driving continues to plague us.

Texas DWI Penalties Rank Among the Strictest in the Nation

You do not want to mess with Texas DWI convictions—our fair state takes one of the toughest stances against drunk driving in the country. While many states almost seem to handle a first offense as a stiff slap on the wrist, Texas stands firm in using a first offense conviction as a deterrent from being a repeat offender.

Take, for instance, Kentucky’s DUI laws. A first time offender faces no jail time, a 90 day license suspension, an opportunity to plea down to a lesser offense, and a five year lookback period, which is the period of time that prior DUI convictions can be considered in sentencing.

In Texas, that same offender could be in jail up to six months, have their license suspended for up to one year, and have no lookback period—that means that if the driver was convicted of a DWI 20 years earlier, the current DWI conviction would be considered a second offense.

Have You Been Hurt by a Drunk Driver in Texas? Get the Help You Need Now

Despite the serious legal consequences of driving drunk in Texas, many people are not deterred from getting behind the wheel and facing much more troubling consequences—injuring you and your family.

If you have been hurt by a drunk driver, nothing can undo the pain and grief you are experiencing, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can ensure that you and your family see justice served. For a free consultation to learn more about the compensation you may be entitled to receive, contact attorney Steve Lee today by clicking on the live chat link or filling out our online contact form.

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