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Can Technology Help You Keep Your Teen Driver Safe?

As a parent, you know the feeling that you get when you watch your children take their first steps, as they go off to their first day of school, and as they pull out of the driveway for their first drive without you. You wish you could be with them every step of the way to keep them safe, but you know that you have to give them room to grow.

With the advent of technology, however, many parents are overjoyed to learn that they do not need to let go quite yet. New electronic devices that track a car’s location, speed, and performance can keep both teen drivers and parents informed of driving habits, but many worry that this surveillance may detract from what is more important—proper parenting and open discussion.

The Raging Debate: What Will Keep Your Child Safe Behind the Wheel?

Of course, having these electronic devices in your teen’s car does not make you a bad parent—in fact, it means that you care. With devices that set speed limits and warn both the driver and parents as well as dash-cam set-ups to record interior and exterior events, parents can actively review their teen’s driving habits, skills, and mistakes to correct and address potentially dangerous behavior.

None of the technology is effective, however, unless the parent establishes clear guidelines and a support system. When your child knows that you are tracking their driving skills to help improve their driving and keep them safe, their results will be better than a child who is simply being monitored so that they can be punished if they break rules.

Finding a Balance That Works for Everyone

So what’s the magic balance between proactive surveillance and results? That’s entirely up to you and your teen. An important thing to remember, however, is that the ultimate goal is to improve your child’s driving skills through progressive experience that results in a well-rounded driver.

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