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Warehouse Accidents and Injuries

Warehouse work is dangerous. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16 warehouse workers were killed during 2016.

Types of Warehouse Injuries

Warehouse work is extremely demanding, since employees are often required to perform repetitive movements in awkward positions every day. Common warehouse injuries include:

  • Falls. Warehouse falls are frequently caused by workplace clutter left in workers’ travel paths. Unprotected drop-offs—such as those commonly found on loading docks—increase the risk of falls for merchandise loaders and truck drivers. Loading areas may also be wet or icy during bad weather, leading to slip and fall accidents. Falls can cause serious neck and back injuries, pulled muscles, twisted ankles, and broken bones.
  • Forklift accidents. Incidents involving forklifts are among the most common accidents leading to heavy equipment injuries. Typical risks include turnover accidents, impalements, and run-over accidents. Forklifts may also drop heavy items onto workers, resulting in fractured and broken bones, brain injuries, and crush injuries.
  • Lifting injuries. Picking up and moving heavy items is a common task in a warehouse, and the muscle strain, awkward positions, and repetitive motions this requires frequently lead to injury. Typical injuries include rotator cuff damage, neck injuries, back injuries, spinal damage, strained muscles, and sprains.
  • Repetitive stress injuries. Routine warehouse tasks that only vary slightly from day to day can easily lead to repetitive stress injuries. Moving and lifting items can inflame muscle fibers and nerve pathways, damaging tendons, muscles, and ligaments.
  • Pallet rack collapses. Collapsing pallet racks are often the result of improper storage of materials. These collapses are particularly dangerous when items are stowed up high, since these items can become hazardous projectiles when falling a great distance. Pallet rack accidents can result in everything from eye and facial injuries, to broken bones, to brain injuries, to even death.

Compensation for Warehouse Injuries

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