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Most Likely Victims of Construction Site Accidents

Over six million people work on construction sites every day, and most put their safety in jeopardy on a daily basis. Working on high and less than sturdy scaffolding, dealing with live electricity, and climbing up ladders are just a few of the reasons why hundreds of these hard-working employees are killed each year.

Out of 4,101 worker deaths in private industry in 2013, 828, or 20.2 percent, were in construction. This means that one in five worker deaths occurred in the construction industry.

Common Causes of Death and Injury on Construction Sites

The most common causes of construction injuries are:

  • Falls. 302 out of 828 total deaths in 2013 were due to falling from heights.
  • Falling objects. 10.1 percent of deaths, or 84, were caused by falling debris.
  • Electrocutions. 71 construction workers died in 2013 because of electrocution.
  • Entrapment. 21 people lost their lives by becoming caught in or stuck in between objects on construction sites.

If just these dangers were eliminated, almost 500 lives would be saved each year.

Who Is Most Likely to Become Injured

Just about anyone who works on a construction site is at risk for becoming seriously injured. However, certain employees are more commonly hurt than others. Crew members who work on scaffolding and those who work around sources of electricity are at increased risk. Also, anyone who fails to wear safety gear and observe approved procedures for working around potential hazards puts him or herself in danger.

Injured? If So, Seek the Compensation You Deserve

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