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Maritime Safety Equipment Failures

Maritime employees have the right to work on safe vessels, and employers are required to provide them with properly-maintained safety equipment. Most maritime work injuries are preventable, but only when employers take workplace safety seriously.

Maritime Safety Equipment Failures

There are many different types of safety equipment available to maritime workers aboard vessels, including:

  • Safety harnesses. Routine vessel maintenance includes painting elevated surfaces, requiring crew members to make contact with areas of ships that aren’t easy to reach. Safety harnesses secure these workers, but common components of these harnesses are prone to failure if defective or improperly maintained. Defective or broken carabiners, V-rings, or snap hooks can cause crew member falls, resulting in broken bones, spinal cord damage, and severe head injuries.
  • Guardrails. Guardrails are intended to keep maritime workers safe during rough seafaring conditions. Whether they’re temporary or permanent, all guardrail systems must meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. If they’re defective, improperly installed, or poorly maintained, workers may fall overboard.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE). Crew members wear this equipment to minimize exposure to hazardous chemicals, machinery, and weather conditions. PPE may include safety glasses, earplugs, gloves, hard hats, and full body suits. Employers have a responsibility to provide professionally-designed and -manufactured safety clothing that fits comfortably, is inspected regularly, and properly maintained. Employers are also responsible for ensuring workers understand how to use this equipment correctly. Defective, ill-fitting, or damaged PPE may result in eye damage, respiratory problems, and cuts or lacerations.

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