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If You Work From Home, Your Work Injury Could Be Covered by Insurance

Today, more and more employees work from home. Not having a daily commute saves employees time and money and has been found to improve productivity and overall work happiness. For many employers, this has created a win-win situation.

However, for many early telecommuters, it was unclear if injuries sustained at a home office were covered by workers’ compensation or a more comprehensive coverage. It was also unclear how employers would determine a workplace injury. But as telecommuting has become more common, workers’ compensation rules have evolved to reflect a wider range of workplace injuries.

Can You Suffer a Workplace Injury At Home?

There are gray areas about home offices and telecommuting. There isn’t always a clear definition of what’s considered a workspace and the hours involved when working from home. But new regulations have allowed employers and employees to better define what a workplace injury means when an employee is telecommuting; however, it helps if you have done some of the groundwork when you first started telecommuting, such as:

  • Clearly defining your workspace
  • Clearly defining your duties
  • Clearly defining your work hours

This may seem oversimplified, but if you don’t work in a standard office environment, these are important things to make clear. By establishing these guidelines early in your telecommuting journey, you can protect yourself and help ensure that you are covered for injuries you suffer at work—whether you are in your company’s office or your home office.

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