Can my employer spy on me after a work injury and during the course of my Workers’ Compensation claim?

Your employer may be able to spy on you during the course of your Worker’s Compensation claim. There are a variety of reasons and a number of ways for employers to do this. 

Spying can be done by hiring an investigator who will do an activity check on you. This means the investigator will see if you are as injured as you say you are. Surveillance may be done, or your employer may utilize other resources such as video footage.

One of the main reasons that an employer may decide to hire an investigator is if they believe your claim is fraudulent. It’s important that if you have been truly injured, you are able to provide evidence. There may be video footage that depicts you slipping and falling at work. 

If it shows you immediately getting up, brushing yourself off and moving on, it would be very difficult later to convince them and a court that you suffered a serious back injury. 

Another reason an employer may decide to spy on you is if they believe the injuries you’re claiming are exaggerated. When an employee makes a claim that his or her work injury was especially severe, and it doesn’t seem to fit with the incident, they may decide to investigate.  

If you make a claim that you are now permanently disabled and unable to continue working, your employer may take a closer look at your injury and lifestyle. A workplace injury claim impacts the employer’s bottom line, so they want to be sure they aren’t being taken advantage of.

Of course, there are times when an employer is just trying to get out of paying a legitimate claim. If you want to protect your rights when you are going through a Workers’ Compensation case in Texas, contact a work injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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