Can an insurance adjuster spy on me after a Texas commercial truck accident?

Absolutely. If you are making a personal injury claim, such as after a commercial truck accident, the insurance company may hire a detective to scope you out. This is done in an attempt to bring any fraudulent claims to light.

It’s important to protect your rights throughout the claims process. You’ll want to speak to a Houston personal injury lawyer who will be able to offer valuable legal counsel and help you steer clear of potential claim mishaps.

Insurance companies are a business, and their bottom-line is of primary importance to them. They will use whatever tactics they can in order to reduce their payouts, even if some of their methods seem somewhat shady.

The insurance investigators may try to “catch” you doing something that negates your health condition, making you look like you are faking it, using methods such as:

  • parking for days on your street within viewing range of your home;
  • gaining entrance into your home under false pretenses with a hidden camera;
  • snapping photos of you performing physical activities (even playing in the yard with your kids may be considered evidence);
  • posing as a potential employer and making fake, lucrative job offers over the phone;
  • looking at your travel records (vacations may be construed as evidence that your claim isn’t valid).

Because surveillance is commonplace in the insurance industry, acting ethically and transparently is your best line of defense. There are also several other precautions to take to protect your truck accident claim, which your Houston personal injury lawyer can advise you on.

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