Can I file a personal injury lawsuit against my city or state?

Whether it’s a serious collision with a city dump trunk or a slip-and-fall injury that occurred on state property, there are a number of reasons why someone might want to file a personal injury suit against their municipal or state government. However, the idea of suing the government—at any level—can be intimidating. Accident victims may wonder if filing such a suit is even possible and, if it is, would it expose them to discrimination or other negative repercussions.

Fortunately, in most instances, state and municipal governments are not immune to claims of negligence and can be named as a party in personal injury lawsuits. Not only are such lawsuits allowed—they’re not even all that uncommon. For this reason, city and state governments tend to be well insured. With insurance likely footing the bill for the accident and subsequent lawsuit, victims don’t have to worry that filing a personal injury lawsuit, and fighting for the compensation they need and deserve, will bankrupt their city or state, or otherwise cause the sky to come crashing down.

Also, when it comes to fear of discrimination, potential personal injury plaintiffs needn’t worry—the law prohibits city or state governments from discriminating against citizens in housing and other programs just because they brought a lawsuit seeking fair compensation for their injuries.

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