Can the host of a party serving alcohol be liable for a DWI accident in Houston?

If you were injured in a DWI accident and later realized that the negligent driver attended a party where alcohol was served, you need to know your rights. The laws vary by state.

In some states—including Texas—the party’s host can be liable for injuries that a driver or passenger sustained after a DWI accident. You can call on a Houston DWI accident attorney to help you file a personal injury claim to hold all negligent parties accountable.

A party host may be liable if he or she:

  • served alcohol to a minor who then was involved in a DWI accident; or
  • knowingly served an overly intoxicated person who he or she knew was driving home after the party.

For a thorough understanding of liability issues, schedule a consultation with a Houston DWI accident attorney. An attorney can help pinpoint fault, gather evidence, and negotiate with insurers to help you maximize the value of your personal injury claim. While you focus on your recovery, an attorney can handle all the legalese.

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