I’m disappointed with my attorney. Can I hire another lawyer?

During the hectic aftermath of a vehicle collision, accident victims sometimes make the mistake of hiring the wrong attorney.

When injured individuals lose confidence in their legal representation, they typically have the right to replace their lawyers at any time.

When to Replace an Attorney

Hiring the right attorney is critical to the success of any vehicle accident case. Consulting another lawyer makes sense when there is:

  • Poor communication. Personal injury attorneys should engage with their clients frequently, and a lawyer’s failure to return phone calls is one of the most common client complaints. An attorney’s lack of communication may be due to taking on too many cases, being understaffed, or incompetence. When a lawyer establishes a pattern of failing to return phone calls and emails, these are usually signs that it’s time to find another attorney.
  • Conflicting personalities. Some attorneys are warm and friendly. Others are not, though they may be efficient and competent. If having a warm relationship matters to a client, and if they don’t feel comfortable with their current representation, there might be a need to change attorneys.
  • Lack of trust. If a client starts to question an attorney’s ethics or judgment, or feels he or she can no longer be trusted, it’s time to secure alternative representation.

Replacing an Attorney

It’s very easy to replace your attorney. Simply send a fax or an email, letting them know their services are no longer needed. Then, call their office to confirm receipt of your written notice. Be sure to also notify the insurance company handling the case in writing that you’re no longer represented by the attorney. Provided that you have a viable injury case, your new attorney will likely be agreeable and honor your original fee agreement.

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