What should I know as the insurance adjuster begins work on my truck accident claim?

There are many things to consider before speaking to an insurance agent, including thinking about how the insurer is going to handle your case. The insurance agent does not know you, and does not care if you recover.

In fact, it’s in his best interest if you don’t, because it is his job to reduce payouts to claimants.

Common Ways Insurance Adjusters Reduce the Value of Truck Accident Claims

Some people have no trouble collecting the money they are owed after an accident, but these cases are rare. When it comes to dealing with an insurance adjuster, you not only have to watch what you say and do, you must also pay close attention to what the insurance adjuster says and does. Unfortunately, this commonly includes:

  • Getting you to admit fault. Throwing the blame is the first line of defense for most insurance companies. Beware of questions like, “What were you doing at the time of the accident?” and “Do you think there was any way you could have been able to avoid the crash?” If the they can get you to take some of the blame for the crash, they can reduce the amount of your payment—or even deny coverage altogether.
  • Ignoring your calls. Dodging calls is an incredibly effective way to reduce the value of a claim. Insurers have no motivation to settle claims quickly, while claimants often need the money as fast as possible. The longer an insurer makes a claimant wait, the more likely it is that the claimant will get tired of fighting and accept a low-ball offer in order to move on.
  • Waiting it out. Adjusters keep careful watch over the statute of limitations on your claim. They are well aware that there is a limited window of time in which a claimant can file a lawsuit to get compensation, and the longer they keep you waiting, the more likely it is that the statute of limitations will run out.

Most injury victims will accept what little they are offered by their insurance companies, even if it is not enough to cover their repair costs, medical bills, and lost wages. A truck accident lawyer is your best defense against an adjuster’s tricks. The insurance adjuster will go to work in the hours after the accident, and you need someone who can devote his full attention to your protection while you focus on healing. Call our office today or fill out the quick contact form on this page to have us take up the fight on your behalf.

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