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Braking Down Blame: When Faulty Brakes Cause Truck Crashes

Excluding special oversize permits that allow weights to be even greater, tractor-trailer trucks can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds. For comparison, the average automobile weighs around 5,000 pounds. When such a massive vehicle loses its brakes, it becomes deadly.

When you suspect that a truck’s faulty brakes caused the collision that injured you and your family, determining liability can be tough. Unlike other, more straightforward accidents, truck accidents (especially maintenance-related truck accidents) may have many parties that could be liable. The trucking company, the driver, the leasing company, and the brake manufacturer all have the potential for blame. As such, there may be an all-out battle to pinpoint exactly which person or company was responsible for the brake failure.

Where the Liability Falls

Brakes are complex systems that require proper set-up as well as regular maintenance and upkeep; any party that is involved in a truck will hold a certain level of responsibility for the brakes, and many things can occur that will compromise the effectiveness of a truck’s braking system.

  • Brake manufacturer. Truck brake standards demand the strength to be able to stop the vehicle within a certain distance in relation to its speed, weight, and size. When a truck’s brakes stop short of these standards, the brakes’ manufacturer may be considered negligent.
  • Driver. Brakes require regular maintenance to maintain their safety standards. When a driver fails to keep up with maintenance checks, he risks issues with the brakes and puts others in danger.
  • Truck or leasing company. The driver isn’t the only one responsible for regular maintenance. A truck should be thoroughly inspected by the company for maintenance and safety concerns before being commissioned for long hauls.. If this inspection is ignored, the company could be considered negligent if faulty brakes lead to an accident.

Filing Your Claim

No matter who’s at fault for your injuries, securing an injury claim relies on being able to prove that fault. Unfortunately, securing the evidence needed to show blame can be harder than you may think. That is unless you have the guidance of a resourceful injury attorney. Call our office today to speak with one of Houston’s well-known and respected injury lawyers, attorney Steve Lee. With over 30 years’ worth of experience in handling truck accident cases, his knowledge and assets are what you need to file a successful truck accident claim. Call now!

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