Why You Need an Attorney When You Have Been Injured in a Car Crash

When you’re injured in a vehicle accident, you’re faced with many challenges. You’ll have to visit medical professionals, your injuries may cause you to miss a lot of work, and you’ll need financial help while you recover. You need an attorney to help you receive compensation for your:

  • Medical expenses. Your health comes first, and recovery may require doctor’s visits, hospital stays, physical therapy, prescription medications, and lots of bed rest. A vehicle accident can leave you with long-term injuries, and a recovery period of a year or more. Even worse, you might sustain a permanent injury that disables you for life. Your attorney will likely want to speak with the medical professionals you’ve seen, and he may request that they testify during any legal proceedings.
  • Lost wages. Vehicle accident injuries can seriously impact your ability to become and remain employed. You may have to take a lot of time off from work, and if your injuries are severe enough, you may never be able to return. Unfortunately, while an inability to work might freeze your income, it doesn’t freeze your bills. Your attorney can calculate the income you’ve lost due to your injuries, help you gather the documentation you need, and file claims on your behalf.
  • Dealing with insurance companies. You’d like to think that the insurance company will simply cut a check to cover all of the medical bills, lost income, and other expenses associated with your vehicle accident. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Insurance companies put their own financial interests first, and that means paying out as little as possible in claims. They typically attempt to offer a small settlement at first, in hopes of avoiding much larger expenses later on. If you accept this initial settlement, you may discover that the money you’ve received is insufficient to cover all of your financial losses.

Before you settle, you should consult an attorney to ensure that you’re being compensated fairly. To learn more, contact the law offices of Steve M. Lee, P.C., by clicking the Live Chat button on this page.

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