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Truck Accident Scene Photographs

When a truck accident occurs, photographs are particularly important pieces of evidence. They serve as visual documentation of the collision events, and help to establish proof of negligence.

The Importance of Photographs

Photos from the accident scene can provide valuable information a personal injury attorney needs in order to pursue compensation. Here’s how pictures can help:

  • Photographs illustrate the massive scale of the truck that caused the collision, which is something a jury might not otherwise consider.
  • Pictures provide evidence of road conditions at the time of the collision, such as lighting, weather, road signage, and traffic signals.
  • Accident scene images display details needed by a personal injury attorney, such as skid marks, which may help to prove the truck driver’s negligence.
  • Photos show the damage sustained by your vehicle.

Types of Photographs

The most important details from the scene may not be immediately obvious, so you should take as many pictures as you can. Snap close-up photos from about five feet away, medium-distance pictures from 15 feet, and panoramic images from at least 20 feet away, if possible. Keep a common landmark in each photo to demonstrate distance and scale.

Try to get photographs of:

  • Your vehicle, and the damage it sustained.
  • The truck that hit you, and the damage it sustained.
  • Any vehicle parts, shattered glass, and other debris scattered about the road.
  • Any stop signs or traffic signals.
  • Any cuts, scrapes, bruises, and other visible bodily injuries to you, your passengers, and other parties.
  • The roadway, including any skid marks.
  • Weather conditions.

Speak With an Attorney

Truck collision scene photographs can be important evidence, but you may have been too stunned or hurt after your accident to take them. Regardless of whether you have these photos, you should consult an attorney to help you pursue your claim.

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