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Road Rage: A Deadly Reason for Accidents in Houston

Blame it on the daily stressors of life, a bad day at the office, or simply being grumpy; whatever the reason, drivers often take out their aggression while on the road. Road rage is a very scary—and very real—part of life in Houston. In fact, it is the reason why hundreds of accidents occur each year.

Are You At Risk for a Road Rage Accident?

Drivers aren’t perfect. They accidentally cut people off, forget to use their directional signals, drive too slowly, travel in the wrong lane, and a host of other mistakes that cause some other drivers to experience rage. Unfortunately, all Houston drivers are at risk for becoming the victims of road rage accidents, and before you get behind the wheel, you should know these interesting facts:

  • Road rage accidents in Texas are most common during rush hour. Nearly one out of four road rage accidents occur between the hours of 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.
  • A majority of those who engage in road rage are men.
  • Trucks are often the most commonly used vehicle among road ragers.
  • Although the current road rage accident numbers are still high, they have decreased in the Houston area from 2007 to 2011.
  • The most common places in Houston for road rage accidents to occur are in the Galleria area and on U.S. 59 between Kirby and Weslayan.
  • Harris County law enforcement states that it receives calls regularly from concerned motorists about road rage. In fact, the agency reports receiving multiple calls a day sometimes.
  • While many accidents involve simply hitting other motorists’ vehicles, some actually result in a driver following another motorist to his destination, then assaulting him.

Was Your Accident Caused by Road Rage?

A driver already took advantage of you once while driving. Don’t let him do it again by forcing you to pay medical bills and vehicle repairs that are due to his negligence. Attorney Steve Lee may be able to help you receive compensation that will pay for your fees related to the accident. Contact us today to learn how.

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