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Earlier this year, on July 11, a subcontractor working for Consolidated Distributors, Inc., was killed while operating a machine on the job. Ismael Tellez, of Houston, TX, was loading styrofoam into a RecycleTech Corp. industrial shredder when he was pulled into the machine and killed. Consolidated Distributors did not have a workers’ compensation program in effect when Tellez was killed.

Liduvina Tellez, his wife, filed suit on October 22 against Consolidated Distributors, Inc, and RecycleTech Corp. in State District Civil Court. The suit claims that Tellez was performing his duties as he was trained, but the machine lacked any form of barriers or guards to prevent workers from being in an unsafe position.

The suit claims that the added safety measures were inexpensive and would not have hindered the productivity of the machine. These safeguards would have allowed operators to use the machine both safely and effectively. There was also concern about Consolidated Distributors’ lack of warning signage and instructions on the use of the shredder.

The machine, a RecycleTech XT200 industrial shredder, melts styrofoam and bags it for storage. Tellez died due to several blunt force injuries from being pulled into the machine. His widow is suing for a sum of at least $1 million to support both herself and the couple’s three young children.

Harris County construction accident injury lawyer Steve Lee would like to extend his deep sympathy to Liduvina Tellez, the Tellez children, and the entire Tellez family that have been forever impacted by this tragic workplace death.

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