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Heads Up, Houston: More Freight Means More Trucks on Crowded Roads

Houston roads are already busy—too busy, if you ask many Houston natives. Congested highways make for dangerous driving, and the projected economic growth for the U.S. means more traffic on the road. Areas like Houston are seeing big growth in housing and commerce, and the addition of new homes and businesses increase road congestion and create longer commutes and more accidents.

U.S. Economy Projected to Grow, and Freight Will Follow Suit

A new report revealed that the U.S. freight volume is expected to grow by nearly 30 percent over the next decade. While the trucking industry’s share in the growth will shrink—current numbers show that trucking has about 68.4 percent of the freight market and is expected to shrink to just under 65 percent—the overall increase in volume still means that you will see more trucks on the road.

What does this mean for your safety on the roads? With targeted reform efforts, the trucking industry should get safer, and the government has promised infrastructure improvements for several years. But to remain safe while sharing the roads with truck drivers, be sure that you:

  • Remain clear of a truck’s blind spots.
  • Drive carefully around trucks in cities and towns.
  • Report erratic or dangerous driving to law enforcement.

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