What’s the cost of hiring a truck accident attorney?

Truck accident attorneys can choose to bill their clients however they wish, but contingency fee arrangements are the most common. With these payment structures, an attorney doesn’t collect a fee unless and until his client wins his case.

Contingency Fee Advantages

To help clients start the process of justice and financial recovery, contingency fee arrangements offer a number of advantages:

  • No need to pay up front. Through no fault of their own, truck accident victims are often under tremendous financial pressure. They can no longer work due to their injuries, so their paychecks are dwindling while medical bills continue to rise. Injury victims should be focused on healing and returning to their normal routine, not on trying to come up with the money to pay an attorney.
  • Less risk. Since a contingency fee attorney will only charge legal fees if he successfully represents his client, truck accident victims needn’t worry about coming up with legal fees out-of-pocket should they lose their cases. However, they may still be responsible for expenses their attorney has incurred while representing them.
  • Aggressive representation. Since a contingency fee attorney is only compensated for his time if he successfully represents clients, he’ll likely be highly motivated to work hard on their behalf.
  • Evidence the case has merit. A contingency fee arrangement proves the attorney believes the case has merit. An experienced attorney isn’t going to invest his time in a case unless he believes he can secure proper injury compensation.

Maximizing Your Recovery

While it’s true that an attorney’s contingency fees are paid out of his client’s compensation, the cost of not hiring a lawyer may actually be higher. An experienced truck accident attorney will fight to secure maximum compensation for his client, and this award will likely be much greater than any amount the client could negotiate on his own.

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