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Blood Test Results Are Not a Sure Bet: Why You Will Need a Lawyer to Protect Your Rights After an Accident With a Drunk Driver

One of the things that put as at ease as children was that the “bad guys” would face judgment from the law, no matter what. As we get older, however, the reality becomes clearer that many “bad guys” escape justice using the very laws that should put them away, walking on a technicality to freedom in cases that seemed to be open and shut.

If you were hurt in an accident involving a drunk driver, you may have learned that the driver was forced to take a blood test and that it resulted in a BAC over 0.08%. Good, you think, they will not be able to escape the results of the test.

Unfortunately, however, blood tests are not always the nail in the coffin of your case against the drunk driver that hurt you. Skilled DWI defense attorneys are often able to argue the results of blood tests, allowing drunk drivers the chance to “get away” from charges related to their BAC level.

How does this happen? Why is this allowed? The United States justice system is unique in its stance on innocence unless proven guilty, and DWI defense attorneys will often zero in on blood tests to try to find mistakes that would mean their client cannot be proven guilty. While it may seem unfair to those who have been harmed by drunk drivers, it is a common occurrence.

Blood tests can be challenged on a number of grounds. The test is meant to accurately represent the BAC of the driver while they were behind the wheel, but many factors could affect its accuracy. From the manner in which the blood was drawn to the sample’s storage and testing, DWI defense lawyers will work diligently to poke holes in the entire process to prove that the results were false or inaccurate.

This does not necessarily ruin your case against the driver, but it can make the case that much more challenging. In order to ensure that you see the compensation and justice you deserve, hiring a personal injury attorney who is skilled in cases involving drunk drivers can help you present a case stronger than the drunk driver’s defense. Protect your rights, and reach out to us today—simply call, or click on the live chat feature to be connected immediately.

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